Welcome one and all to Erosia, The land of Spinks!

(TLDR; Silly online furry community ran by a bunch of queer neurodivergents. We are fixing this page and the whole website so this was a filler page essentually) With many world species, our main focus is a species that resembles goats and ants called Spinks. They are an open species, meaning you can make your own without needing to ask anyone! ...though approvals are still required at the moment to determine whether it is or isn't a spink, you are free to make your own and do whatever you want with your character. Approvals may change once we are fully finished with development but we'll see!

Named after the sounds they make that are simular to finches, Spinks are interchangably anthro and feral, much like bears. There are many different types of spinks as they have evolved to their enviroments, such as the standard Spinks, known as "Folk Spinks" can be any sort of off-sheet or on-sheet trait that doesn't alighn simular to any other classification. Any spink with a trait from the clans; Terra, Volcanic, Atlantic, Aero, Polar, and Necrotic are either Clan if they have just folk and some clan, or all clan. If there are two different types (so for example your character has an Aero trait and Necro trait or a clan + event trait) it would be considered a hybrid Spink! Event spinks are made off of event sheets made for activites within our community, but your free to use them on your spink designs whenever you like!

May seem like a whole lot to throw at ya but don't worry, it's more simple than it looks when written out and you can always ask during approval if your unsure. Or you can check the guides tab! We have it drawn out there visually! This is more of a community based passion project than some sort of generic original species, originally, we were a closed species (you can read more about this in the "community" tab!) but now we are an open species with a closed species community structure based on monthly events, running adopts and givaways, and having a space to just be yourself.

Usually in some original community spaces you have to be a certain rank to make adopts, but not with these fellas! Almost every species in Erosia is made to be open and free to make, unless they are still being worked on, this is anything from random companions to wildlife or even robots! We take vague inspiration from lots of games and movies for our wourldbuilding, including Dungeons and Dragons, Subnautica, Stray, Portal, Rainworld, and lots more!Each area for different clans and even cities have their own inspiration and themes from a wild range of inspirations. Think of anything from cyber enhanced large citys to small simplistic towns. You can check more in the sidebar under "Worldmap and Lore" for more of the world development!

Although we can't use our old assets and frankly they don't fit our updated information, you are free to take a walk in the past of our community visually through our old community assets that you can find in the dropdown. This covers anything from old Starstruck and Moondust Spinks to Tubes and scrapped sheets. We are aware some are missing but these are just so you have something else to reference if desired, just be aware a lot of info on thoes will be outdated.

Regardless, take a peek around, maybe join our discord and say hi? maybe you just want to exist in the background, thats okay too! We'll see you around folks (get it?).

Tag, our Mascot!

This website is to be updated but the development is on pause until a majority of things are completed... obviously there are a few things missing still and some that just aren't ready to be viewed.

You can check the update log on our discord! (click "Approvals" in the sidebar)